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is one of the component parts of the struggle we are now waging. We can counter hypocrisy and lies with the complete and honest truth. The war has shown plainly enough what the "will of the majority" means, a phrase used as a cover by the bourgeoisie. It has shown that a handful of plutocrats drag whole nations to the slaughter in their own interests." -V.I. Lenin, Speech at the First All-Russia Congress On Education (1918)


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Chapter 28: The People's Anti-fascist War (1941-45)
William Z. Foster: the History of the Communist Party of the United States
Facilitator: Angelo D'Angelo, PhD.

Introduction to the Soviet economy

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The People's School endeavors to help create a new generation of fighters in the movement for socialism, peace, justice, democracy, and self-determination. One of the ways of building the next generation of fighters is by studying the science of Marxism-Leninism.


PSMLS is an open door school. All persons are invited to join. As well our DISCORD channel is open to all as well.

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Late Summer 2018 Schedule of Classes


Chapter 26 Audio, The Fight Against Fascism and War from the book by William Z. Foster, History of the Communist Party of the United States.